Brett Kingman’s Tonesaver 112 Demo

Posted: September 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

We did not ask Brett to make this video demo but we approve.

And here’s what Brett had to say on our Lattanzio Audio FB page before he made this video

The Tonesaver is one of the best cabinets I have ever heard or used from any manufacturer, anywhere. It must be the combination of Rokk’s dimensions along with Michael Lorantz’s speaker (of course it is!). The sound is open, clear, reminiscent of the best Greenback I ever heard (I own 4 late 60’s specimens) and it’s tight and true. The 32.5° slant is a godsend as is the relatively small footprint.

Rokk, Sir, you have created something special with this one and if you think S/N 006 is ever going to leave my studio, think again.

Demo soon, folks. I just hope I can mic it well enough to do it justice. In the meantime I strongly suggest others to investigate the Tonesaver further. You’ll love it, I reckon.

Three thumbs up.

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