Master Monitor Series VLS-1B

Posted: November 30, 2012 in Uncategorized
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 Master Monitor Series VLS-1B

After launching our Tonsaver guitar speaker cabs, which generated unanimous rave reviews or awesome feedback from the lucky few guitarists who got their hands on a cab from the limited first production run, we turned our attention back two studio monitor design.

It’s been three months of intense component testing, building prototypes and fine tuning cabinet designs and we are really excited about the results.

The first new product/package to emerge from this period of R&D is the base model in our Master Monitor Series; the VLS-1B. Apart from the few cosmetic refinements (choices of finish/colour and the logo plates, etc) that will adorn the production model, the VLS-1B system configuration will be as pictured here.

Although the main intended use for this system is monitoring in Mastering Studios or Recording studio mixing applications, it is just as much at home in a large living room as a very impressive home Hi-Fi or Home Theatre System (5.1 – 7.1 surround with the addition of extra mid/top cabs for the additional channels)

The quality of this system belies the fact that this is the base model in our Master Monitor Series and we have incorporated very cost effective components to keep the sale price reasonable. We are absolutely stoked with the sound and performance of this prototype. The accuracy, transparency, imaging and overall frequency range is stunning. So much so that we can confidently state the VLS-1B will match the sonic quality (or even out perform) most speaker systems costing three to four times as much.

Of course we may be biased and there is a subjective component in the evaluation of any speaker system so we invite anyone who lives in Melbourne Australia (or may be travelling here in the next few months) and has a passion for hi-end audio to contact us and arrange a listening session.

We have also almost completed testing and fine tuning for a new compact two-way studio monitor that incorporates some of the same design principles applied to the VLS-1B, more about the release of that model soon.

Rokk Lattanzio

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