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More on why Free Streming is a bad business model and also a bad measure for charts like the new Billboard “consumption” charts… It makes no sense but we do live in a world where Pet Rocks were once a hot item and ‘Reality TV” now reigns supreme in Primetine… So now how much advertising your music is linked to via free streaming services is replacing music sales as a measure of worth.. It’s very hard not to find these thoughts depressing if you are an aspiring artist or true music lover.

New Math $.00666 : Billboard’s New “Consumption” Chart, Free Streams and the End Of Meaningful Metrics?.

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World Gone Crazy

Posted: November 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

If someone had told me 30 years ago that in my lifetime people would be complaining about having to pay $10-$20 dollars for an album of music by artists they supposedly love (or refuse to pay at all and feeling entitled to their music collection for free). Then many of the same people would happily pay $500 or more for a “smartphone” and in addition pay monthly subscription fees for access to millions of songs (in poor quality compressed audio) most of which they will never listen to. I would have told them they were crazy… So from my perspective, as a long time music lover, music producer and lover of quality audio; the world has indeed gone completely insane!


The only technology I really wish existed right now is time travel, I would go back to the early 1960’s and live the rest of my life happily in a world before compressed digital audio existed. No iPods, Napster, smartphones, Spotify, iTunes, Pandora etc. etc. A world where if you heard a song you liked on the radio you would buy the album on the strength of one song and rarely be disappointed. A world where you would buy new albums by artists you really liked before even hearing them and rarely be disappointed. – Rokk Lattanzio

Don’t Believe The Hype

Posted: November 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

With all the hype surrounding the Australian finalists in shows like The Voice, X-factor and Idol you’d expect music sales to reflect this media frenzy with numbers. A casual look at the ARIA charts may support this illusion but when you explore worldwide charts the story is quite different. The the media hype has generated enough sales locally to get the manufactured pop singles from The Voice’s Marlisa and Dean Ray into the singles charts here (at least while riding the crest of the wave for a few weeks). However when you look at the US & UK charts it’s Sia’s song Chandelier that’s in the top 10 and top 12 respectively and rising in both those singles charts. More importantly “Chandelier” has spent 18 weeks in the UK charts and 25 weeks in the USA charts. Even more importantly her album ‘1000 Forms Of fear’ is still in the top 200 USA album charts at 135 and rising again, the only other album by an Australian artist currently in the Top 200 in the USA is, Back In Black by AC/DC; perspective is a wonderful thing.  ‘1000 Forms Of Fear’ has been out for some time (released in July 2014) so it’s worth noting that it also peaked at Number 1 in the US, Canadian & Australian album charts, 11 in the UK album charts and top 10 in a number of European countries. Not even Guy Sebastion (original winner of Australian Idol) the most prolific and successful Australian “Music” reality show alumni has had album chart success outside Australia.  There will always be manufactured Pop but people also do recognize true artistry, talent and quality album production. Well perhaps all people except those pulling the strings in the mainstream Australian media… Don’t misunderstand me, I wish both Marlisa & Dean Ray every success and happiness but if you look at all the history of Australian music/artists impact on the world music scene, the Australian Idol/X-factor/Voice finalists have had little or no impact compared to artists who carved their success via more traditional avenues. So where is the Australian mass media support for Australian artists like Sia; truly unique, talented, original Australian artists who are or could be kicking goals on the world market? Artists who have more than earned respect or at least deserve an reasonable share of the media attention.