World Gone Crazy

Posted: November 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

If someone had told me 30 years ago that in my lifetime people would be complaining about having to pay $10-$20 dollars for an album of music by artists they supposedly love (or refuse to pay at all and feeling entitled to their music collection for free). Then many of the same people would happily pay $500 or more for a “smartphone” and in addition pay monthly subscription fees for access to millions of songs (in poor quality compressed audio) most of which they will never listen to. I would have told them they were crazy… So from my perspective, as a long time music lover, music producer and lover of quality audio; the world has indeed gone completely insane!


The only technology I really wish existed right now is time travel, I would go back to the early 1960’s and live the rest of my life happily in a world before compressed digital audio existed. No iPods, Napster, smartphones, Spotify, iTunes, Pandora etc. etc. A world where if you heard a song you liked on the radio you would buy the album on the strength of one song and rarely be disappointed. A world where you would buy new albums by artists you really liked before even hearing them and rarely be disappointed. – Rokk Lattanzio


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