At Lattanzio Audio we are all about the sound & the music… we are music producers, audio engineers, musicians first and gear-heads second. Many years of experience has taught us that when it comes to the equipment it’s not always the most expensive or the best technical specifications that make for the best sounding result.

As well as our own designs & models we will be offering a small range of select third party products that we love and use ourselves. Products and brands that may not be the most well known or most visibly marketed but that we believe represent the best value for money and simply sound as good or better than any competition. In some cases we may stock the items, sometimes we may simply endorse them and point you in the right direction.

Along our journey we discovered that the most over-hyped and misunderstood fields when it comes to sound was and remains, acoustics and speaker design. After years of searching for the ideal “off the shelf” speakers to use in the studio, we came to the realisation that the only way we would be truly satisfied was to design and build our own. For this reason we made the development of truly accurate studio monitor speakers our main focus.

The first myth we’d like to expose is that there is a difference between what makes a great studio monitor and what makes a great home Hi Fi speaker. The plain truth is that the best speakers in the studio or at home are the ones that recreate the recorded material in the most faithful manner. This means the most accurate, most transparent, widest frequency response, least coloured recreation possible. So it’s this philosophy we put into every speaker system we design, no matter if it’s a smaller two-way bookshelf model or a large multiple driver system with subs. It will be equally at home in the lounge room/home theatre as it is in the major recording studio, project studio or home studio.

No speaker system is perfect but based on what was in the marketplace, we new there was plenty of room for improvement.

Simply put we make very accurate speaker systems with the widest & flattest possible frequency response and most bang for the buck in any given price range.

So while you may find more flattering speakers with exaggerated boom or hyped top end or exotic looking speakers at astronomical prices that promise everything but rarely deliver value for money. We challenge you to find any speakers that are as accurate and faithful in the same price range as any of our models. And when it comes to the top of the range we will confidently put our flagship system up against any system at any price.

Okay, now that we’ve got that off our chest there is of course one area of speaker design where the widest, flattest frequency response is not the most desirable and that’s in guitar speaker cabinets. Because of the nature of electric guitar the best results have often been derived from speakers with

less than ideal hi-fi credentials and specs. In fact many of the classic legendary guitar amps ad speaker cabinets have been loaded with speakers that in the H-FI world would be considered cheap and nasty. We understand this and we understand why and kept this in mind but even in our unique guitar speaker cabinets we have applied some design principles utilised in our Hi Fi/Studio Monitor designs. Our guitar speaker cabinets represent the first true advance and departure from the norm in guitar speaker box design since the first guitar amps were produced in the first half of the 20th century; but more about that later.

To compliment our guitar speaker cabinet designs we have also partnered with a Chinese guitar amp manufacturer to supply a modern tube/valve amp head for those who want a whole package. After testing several options we found one we really liked. The amp is very well made with hefty old school transformers, and the classic combo of 12AX7/ECC83 pre-amp tubes, EL84 power amp tubes and 40 Watts of raw power that produces full rich punchy clean and distorted tones. The amp is extremely versatile and we found the only weak link was the Chinese tubes it was supplied with, so we fixed that by carefully hand selecting a combination of preamp and power tubes that turned a good sounding amp into a real winner! Again more on the development and features of the guitar amp will be in our product descriptions when our new website goes live.

We are very excited about the official launch of our products so we invite you to stay tuned and be amongst the first in your neck of the woods to be in the know about the Lattanzio brand.


Rokk Lattanzio

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