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Have you crossed over and come back lately? And I don’t mean psychoactive drug trips… I mean pure creative vision/channelling or totally losing yourself in the performance? This short video by Jason Silva does a wonderful job of exploring this concept. #JasonSilva Creativity Is Madness ‪#‎MusicIsLife‬ ‪#‎LattanzioAudio‬ #‎Life‬‪ #‎Vision‬

World Gone Crazy

Posted: November 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

If someone had told me 30 years ago that in my lifetime people would be complaining about having to pay $10-$20 dollars for an album of music by artists they supposedly love (or refuse to pay at all and feeling entitled to their music collection for free). Then many of the same people would happily pay $500 or more for a “smartphone” and in addition pay monthly subscription fees for access to millions of songs (in poor quality compressed audio) most of which they will never listen to. I would have told them they were crazy… So from my perspective, as a long time music lover, music producer and lover of quality audio; the world has indeed gone completely insane!


The only technology I really wish existed right now is time travel, I would go back to the early 1960’s and live the rest of my life happily in a world before compressed digital audio existed. No iPods, Napster, smartphones, Spotify, iTunes, Pandora etc. etc. A world where if you heard a song you liked on the radio you would buy the album on the strength of one song and rarely be disappointed. A world where you would buy new albums by artists you really liked before even hearing them and rarely be disappointed. – Rokk Lattanzio

Don’t Believe The Hype

Posted: November 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

With all the hype surrounding the Australian finalists in shows like The Voice, X-factor and Idol you’d expect music sales to reflect this media frenzy with numbers. A casual look at the ARIA charts may support this illusion but when you explore worldwide charts the story is quite different. The the media hype has generated enough sales locally to get the manufactured pop singles from The Voice’s Marlisa and Dean Ray into the singles charts here (at least while riding the crest of the wave for a few weeks). However when you look at the US & UK charts it’s Sia’s song Chandelier that’s in the top 10 and top 12 respectively and rising in both those singles charts. More importantly “Chandelier” has spent 18 weeks in the UK charts and 25 weeks in the USA charts. Even more importantly her album ‘1000 Forms Of fear’ is still in the top 200 USA album charts at 135 and rising again, the only other album by an Australian artist currently in the Top 200 in the USA is, Back In Black by AC/DC; perspective is a wonderful thing.  ‘1000 Forms Of Fear’ has been out for some time (released in July 2014) so it’s worth noting that it also peaked at Number 1 in the US, Canadian & Australian album charts, 11 in the UK album charts and top 10 in a number of European countries. Not even Guy Sebastion (original winner of Australian Idol) the most prolific and successful Australian “Music” reality show alumni has had album chart success outside Australia.  There will always be manufactured Pop but people also do recognize true artistry, talent and quality album production. Well perhaps all people except those pulling the strings in the mainstream Australian media… Don’t misunderstand me, I wish both Marlisa & Dean Ray every success and happiness but if you look at all the history of Australian music/artists impact on the world music scene, the Australian Idol/X-factor/Voice finalists have had little or no impact compared to artists who carved their success via more traditional avenues. So where is the Australian mass media support for Australian artists like Sia; truly unique, talented, original Australian artists who are or could be kicking goals on the world market? Artists who have more than earned respect or at least deserve an reasonable share of the media attention.

ON This Day…. Oct 24

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You have to wonder if the irony was lost on the Iranian Government when on this day in 2004… Queen became the first rock act to receive an official seal of approval in Iran. Western music was still strictly censored in the Islamic republic, where homosexuality is considered a crime, but an album of Queen’s greatest hits was released this week in Iran. Freddie Mercury, was proud of his Iranian ancestry, and illegal bootleg albums and singles had made Queen one of the most popular bands in Iran.

Born on this day…

1936 … Bill Wyman, yes folks, long time bass player with the Rolling Stones is 78 today, Happy birthday Bill

1986, Born on this day, Canadian rapper, songwriter, and actor Aubrey Drake Graham who records under the mononym Drake. Scored US No.1 albums with ‘ Thank Me Later’, (2010), ‘Take Care’, (2011), and ‘Nothing Was the Same’, (2013).

This means Drake was not yet 6 years old when Bill Wyman quit the Stones in 1993 after 30 years.

 Master Monitor Series VLS-1B

After launching our Tonsaver guitar speaker cabs, which generated unanimous rave reviews or awesome feedback from the lucky few guitarists who got their hands on a cab from the limited first production run, we turned our attention back two studio monitor design.

It’s been three months of intense component testing, building prototypes and fine tuning cabinet designs and we are really excited about the results.

The first new product/package to emerge from this period of R&D is the base model in our Master Monitor Series; the VLS-1B. Apart from the few cosmetic refinements (choices of finish/colour and the logo plates, etc) that will adorn the production model, the VLS-1B system configuration will be as pictured here.

Although the main intended use for this system is monitoring in Mastering Studios or Recording studio mixing applications, it is just as much at home in a large living room as a very impressive home Hi-Fi or Home Theatre System (5.1 – 7.1 surround with the addition of extra mid/top cabs for the additional channels)

The quality of this system belies the fact that this is the base model in our Master Monitor Series and we have incorporated very cost effective components to keep the sale price reasonable. We are absolutely stoked with the sound and performance of this prototype. The accuracy, transparency, imaging and overall frequency range is stunning. So much so that we can confidently state the VLS-1B will match the sonic quality (or even out perform) most speaker systems costing three to four times as much.

Of course we may be biased and there is a subjective component in the evaluation of any speaker system so we invite anyone who lives in Melbourne Australia (or may be travelling here in the next few months) and has a passion for hi-end audio to contact us and arrange a listening session.

We have also almost completed testing and fine tuning for a new compact two-way studio monitor that incorporates some of the same design principles applied to the VLS-1B, more about the release of that model soon.

Rokk Lattanzio

We did not ask Brett to make this video demo but we approve.

And here’s what Brett had to say on our Lattanzio Audio FB page before he made this video

The Tonesaver is one of the best cabinets I have ever heard or used from any manufacturer, anywhere. It must be the combination of Rokk’s dimensions along with Michael Lorantz’s speaker (of course it is!). The sound is open, clear, reminiscent of the best Greenback I ever heard (I own 4 late 60’s specimens) and it’s tight and true. The 32.5° slant is a godsend as is the relatively small footprint.

Rokk, Sir, you have created something special with this one and if you think S/N 006 is ever going to leave my studio, think again.

Demo soon, folks. I just hope I can mic it well enough to do it justice. In the meantime I strongly suggest others to investigate the Tonesaver further. You’ll love it, I reckon.

Three thumbs up.

So I’ve been checking out the Tonesaver Speaker cab with my Eleven Rack Rig. I’m using a Velocity 100 power amp and Eleven Rack to model just about any amp I chose. The Tonesaver is Rocking! I’m loving the Slant speaker angle. Its great hearing the guitar at butt level rather than the back of my knees. My Eleven rack rig sits neatly on top of this very Mod looking speaker. I’m calling it my ‘Robo rig’ as the whole set up looks like one of the Robots from the movie ‘Silent Running’ (See photo attached) but its far from a silent affair when I’m in Plexi mode and rippin the Van Halen tone. Using this rig this Friday at a massive corporate gig I’m playing. Can’t wait. Rock!!! Cheers, Phil